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Club league rules

30 shot course to consist of 
6 targets over 45yds to be painted yellow with black kill
6 reducers 
4x25mm to be placed between 8 and 35yds
2x15mm to be placed between 13 and 25 yds
1 kneeling lane the combined distance of both targets will not exceed 60yds maximum individual target distance 40yds
2 standing lanes the combined distance will not exceed 55yds maximum individual distance will not exceed 35yds
The rest of the course will be made up of 35mm to 40mm between 8 and 45yds to be painted white with a black kill
There are no rested kneelers or standers 
Hft shooters may alter there parallax settings for the 6 targets over 45 yds. 
The scope must then be returned to its original setting for the rest of the targets.
2 minutes for both targets on the lane.

All shooters to be booked in by 9.30. Partners will be drawn from a hat and allocated a start lane, where an hft shooter is drawn with an FT shooter the hft shooter must shoot the lane first. 

The handicap system will be in place for the hft shooters, you will be allocated a grade on last years scores , the handicap points this year will be 1,2and 3.
Your best 6 scores will count.

There is no handicap for the FT, best 8 rounds to count.